For this weeks episode, I am talking to Amit Dalvi on working with CxOs around the value of DevOps and engaging them in how DevOps works. We discuss how you can ensure your executives at your organisation should be engaged to understand the real value of implementing DevOps.

Amit is an IT transformation consultant/architect providing valuable consultancy and advisory services to business decision-makers typically at CxO level forums to influence key strategic decisions. Helping businesses to achieve their digital goals by combining technology, people, and processes delivering small/incremental but the complex transition and business transformation programs. Creating strategies to achieve competitive advantage and realise cost, performance, and scalability benefits to business stakeholders.

Working within the managed cloud service provider to be a trusted advisor in facilitating Customers’ strategy, digital transformation, cultural change, adoption of automation, and DevOps. Working through pre-sales and responding to RFP/RFI, creating business cases using TCO/ROI analysis, creating key design documents including Solution presentations, architecture strategy, transition strategy, migration plan. With over 14 years of experience within the industry ranging from managing and delivering service-oriented architecture, developing strategic cloud roadmap using public, private and hybrid models and portfolio that demonstrates innovation, creativity, continuous improvement, agile, DevOps, and lean thinking.

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