Starting something new, no matter how old you are can be both exciting and slightly terrifying. I won't lie, I had both of those feelings in abundance this afternoon when I started my new role as a Senior Azure Consultant back at Ensono, the company I left in September 2019.

First of all, you might be thinking why I said "this afternoon". Well to explain, although I am based in the UK, I will be working with the US team at Ensono so will for now be working Central Time hours from my home office in the UK.

Why go back?

I did think long and hard about this decision and part of the reasons I was nervous about returning was my head saying, "people said don't leave", "why did I leave in the first place", and so on. You would be right in thinking that usually people going back to an old place of work in the end just doesn't work out.

One thing that is different here is the clients, the opportunity and the team, although based in the UK, all of the above is in the US and that's a big difference, add to that the role is very different and for now actually takes me back a few years in my career, but the prize at the end in my opinion is very much worth it and this is an opportunity I could not refuse.

To tell you the truth, I missed working for Ensono, I missed my colleagues, some of which I still get to work with now and I missed the ecosystem I was in, working in that Microsoft partner space.

Going back feels strange but it feels oddly like home, I'm glad to be back, I'm glad to be back with many people I call friends, glad to be back in a role which I know will challenge me and give me the technical challenges I love and the opportunity to write about them.

Virtual new starter

Starting for the first day is a strange one normally for anyone, even more so that I'm doing it in the middle on a pandemic and can't travel to see my new colleagues.

Firstly, the process of starting virtually has been very smooth, laptop arrived in plenty of time for my first day, the equipment and my logins worked perfectly with no issues. It's a pleasure to be starting with such a positive impact.

Finally, the welcome from everyone old and new who I've spoken to today has made me realise the decision to come back was a good one, and while in some areas maybe not much has changed, one thing I am glad is the same is the warmth of the people who work at this brilliant company.