I'm pleased to announce the release of Episode 9 of the DevOps Squared podcast this week which features Nic Whittaker, Head of Platform Engineering & DevOps at Virgin Atlantic, who is talking to me about enterprise DevOps.

In this weeks episode, myself and Nic discuss the differences between DevOps in a small to medium organisation and in an enterprise as well as discussing how organisations might recover from Covid-19 if practising DevOps already.

Currently Head of Platform Engineering & DevOps (and acting Head of Enterprise PMO) at Virgin Atlantic Airways, Nic is a seasoned technology veteran who has come "the long way round". Nic started out as a chemistry teacher before moving into technology as a junior developer in 2000 and has since inhabited various technical roles across a variety of industries including airline, post-production & broadcast, manufacturing, insurance and education. When not working, Nic strangles guitars, rides a motorbike, destroys his knees doing long distance running and loves being an annoying dad.

You can view the video recording of the session on YouTube, or subscribe to the podcast on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.