This week, joining me is Garima Bajpai from Capital Carbon Consulting who is discussing DevOps and leadership. This subject generates a lot of discussion online and we touch on how to discuss DevOps with leaders and how to ensure leaders understand the value.

Garima is an industry speaker on a number of DevOps subjects including Digital Twins, product practices and AI-Ops. She is also the co-founder of the DevOps Community Practice in Canada with over 500 contributors, the co-organiser of the DevOps Summit - Canada, co-creator of the Continuous Product Oriented Practice and a DevOps Ambassador with the DevOps Institute.

She is also a board member for Capital Carbon Consulting and Advisor Health 4.0 Institute. In 2019 she was nominated for Young Leader of the Year at the Women IT Awards Canada.

DevOps Summit

Continuous Product Oriented Practice Workshop


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