I am thrilled to announce some personal news, that I have been selected as a DevOps Ambassador with the DevOps Institute. After working in the DevOps space for a number of years now, writing blogs, speaking at events, this is a huge honour and privilege to be invited to join a group of industry leaders.

DevOps Institute Ambassadors are volunteers from across the globe who take a leading role in empowering DevOps Institute community members with SKIL framework to advance the Humans of DevOps with Skills, Knowledge, Ideas & Learning.

DevOps Institute Ambassadors (DOIA) are individuals, Humans of DevOps pioneers who are passionate about DevOps movement, are recognised DevOps thought leaders and subject matter experts and who are willing to contribute voluntarily to the Collective Body of Knowledge (CBok) of DevOps, local community engagement and support the global Humans of DevOps community by DevOps Institute.

The DOIA program is designed to help DOIA realise their personal vision for the future, help establish valuable connections, pursuing 21st century skills needed to achieve their professional goals with a head start, all while being a mentor and colleague to other community members.

Successful DevOps Institute Ambassadors are influences, practitioners, instructors, consultants, bloggers, advocates, community builders, DevOps Days and MeetUp organisers and evangelists who are willing to contribute content, participate in forums and online groups, attend, stand up or lead community events and are excited about exploring and creating other opportunities to engage with the community.