As many people will be aware, back in September I took the decision to move away from my position with Ensono, a managed service provider in Cloud and head back outside of the services world and took up a role at Virgin Atlantic. As you would expect, this is quite a change. In this post now I have settled into the role I wanted to summarise my thoughts.

Those readers who spend their time visiting clients, when you move to another organisation outside of this world, nothing changes. Everything you preach to those clients is very much valid. I have spent a lot of my first 80 days discussing how things work around the enterprises I have visited, just like when you consult on it, your new colleagues recognise their problems are the same everywhere.

Learn your industry

Don't forget you are changing industry, with that comes a new set of challenges. I always thought in technology and especially development and cloud we had a huge number of acronyms to work through, well in aviation, that list is infinitely larger. You may be an expert in your field, but don't forget you are also in a new field and you need to learn.

Don't forget your fundamentals

One of the biggest things you are bringing to your new company is your experience from all of those clients you have visited, all of those nuggets of information you have shared, all of the blog posts you have made. If you are a speaker like me, all those sessions you've done, they all count and all that experience will help you through those first weeks, start making a positive impression.

Make friends

This is a real cliche, especially as one of the values at Virgin Atlantic is "make friends". Make connections, help people out, put yourself forward, have regular catch ups with your closest connections and keep that going. Make sure people know what value you can bring to the table, remember most of the people you'll be working with didn't see what your interviewer did.


Use this new opportunity, it's a fresh start, don't think too hard about it, enjoy yourself and remember you were picked from a group of people going for the same role. They picked you.