Thanks to everyone who attended my session on PowerShell DSC with Microsoft Azure at IT/Dev Connections in San Francisco. I hope you found the session useful and left knowing more than when you arrived. As promised in the session, here is a post detailing all the things I discussed during the session. Don’t forget if you have any questions or queries just reach out to me on Twitter.


You can download the presentation I did through the IT/Dev Connections app or website. Also don’t forget you have the session recording to look back on as well.


All of the scripts and commands I showed in the demos are on my GitHub. Here is a quick run through of what is what.

  • Do-DscOnboard.ps1 - This simple command allows you to register a node with your DSC pull server in Azure Automation and apply an existing node configuration.
  • Deploy-AzureAutomationDsc.ps1 - This script invokes a new resource group deployment of the JSON file used to create a VM extension that enables a machine to report to our DSC pull server.
  • Dsc-Troubleshooting.ps1 - This script contains a couple of the commands I was using to show you how to troubleshoot and find configuration issues in the Windows event viewer.
  • AzureAutomationDsc.json - This JSON file is the VM extension definition that is executed as part of the command in the script above.
  • DSCConfigs - This folder is both the two configs I used in the demos plus a sample you can use for deploying a new domain. This includes calling two credential assets stored in Azure Automation as I was discussing during the session.

Here are the links I mentioned in the session as well: